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ROV Roof Tiles is synonymous with credibility, quality, tradition and technology. With differentiated service and excellent product quality, it has become a reference in the Brazilian market and expanded its business. The company founded in 1997, has five stores distributed in the state of Sao Paulo.

About ROV Roof Tiles

In 2019 ROV Roof Tiles took another step on the road to success, and this time towards internationalization. In partnership with roof tile supplier TopTelha®, it opened the first store in the United States, specifically in Orlando, Florida.

ROV Roof Tiles has been selling TopTelha® Mediterranean roof tiles, an industry that has been in the ceramic business for over 60 years, and has the capacity to produce 2,000,000 roof tiles per month. The traditional company has an internal laboratory where all batches produced are evaluated from the characterization of the raw material to the final product.

The same seriousness used to ensure quality in production is applied to nature preservation. TopTelha®’s commitment to the environment is based on compliance with environmental laws and standards. It also has sustainable actions and a rigorous environmental recovery plan.

Certificates of guarantee of Mediterranean roof tiles are duly registered with the notary’s office of titles and documents of Leme (São Paulo, Brazil), host city of the industry, and meet the requirements of ABNT-NBR 15310.

Mediterranean Roof Tiles


Perfect Alignment

The Mediterranean roof tiles have a perfect alignment, with waterproof, resin and engobed options, have less water absorption, 25 year warranty, thermal comfort, quality and unmatched strength. In addition to a bold design and a huge palette of styles and colors to enhance any architectural project. It also provides greater savings at the time of purchase as it uses only 13.2 pcs/m².


Qualified and Certified

TopTelha® Mediterranean roof tiles line is qualified by PSQ/BPQP-H, certified according to Inmetro Ordinance No. 658 of 12/17/2012 by the CCB, a body accredited by Inmetro’s General Coordination of Accreditation, and internationally certified. NOA 16-0728.16 through Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA – Building Code Compliance Office (BCCO).

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The same commitment used to ensure production quality is applied to preserve nature. Top Telha’s commitment to the environment is based on compliance with environmental laws and regultions in its factory and planting areas which are in strict adherence with its environmental recovery plan.

The continuous implementation of preventive actions that mitigate and compensate any environmental impact, generating a harmonious relationship with nature.

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